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PROGEN II 4050 – Wizard Software

Version 3.4.3 – Released January, 2017

The ProGen Wizard has been designed to let you write your own programs and to store an unlimited number of programs on your computer ready for download into the ProGen II™ programmable frequency generator.

NOTE: The ProGen Wizard is recommended for advanced computer users only.

In Windows, the Wizard has been tested stable on Windows XP and Windows 7, while its stability in Vista is not consistent. For Mac operating systems, the Wizard has tested stable in Tiger, Snow Leopard and Lion.

The Wizard’s features include:

  • Data entry window prevents inadvertent programming errors

  • Save frequency files to your computer

  • Direct Load frequency files into a Progen II

  • Load selected files from your computer into a Progen II ™

  • Share frequency files electronically

  • Restore inadvertently deleted files to Progen II ™

  • Download frequency files

  • Consolidate frequency lists

  • Compose frequency protocols

  • Read bank data from ProGen II ™

Combine short files into one large protocol file to more fully utilize the 50 levels available in a bank

STEP 1 – Download the manual

Download the ProGen Wizard Software Operator’s Manual Here

CAUTION: Please note that this is beta test software, and as such is still in a developmental stage, and not without bugs. As problems are identified, attempts are made to resolve them; however, occasionally this proves to be very difficult. The software was designed to assist ProGen II users to expand the programming capabilities of the frequency generator and to utilize frequency sets that they may gather in their research, as well as to download directly already composed protocols.

The Wizard software is NOT required for the regular running of the ProGen II either on its own, or as the frequency generator for the PERL. A solution has not been found for one particular issue currently. On occasion, the Wizard will cause all banks in the ProGen II to be erased. This happens infrequently; however, those considering using the Wizard should be aware of this possibility. Work is ongoing.

IMPORTANT: DOWNLOAD & READ the ProGen Wizard Software Operator’s Manual here completely before downloading the software and attempting to use the program. (The manual is in an Adobe pdf file. The free Adobe pdf reader can be downloaded from Adobe.com.) It is important to be proficient in computer skills before attempting to use the program.

The Getting Started document will give you a brief overview of how to download the program and run the Wizard for the first time. (Also a pdf.)

The Readme document provides information on program changes that have been made in the various revision levels up to the current one. It is important to check for new versions of the program periodically, and to download it again. It will NOT write over a previous version, so you need to manually delete an earlier version. Remember to keep any protocol files (.pg2 file format) that you have saved to your computer; they will still work with updated versions of the program.

STEP 2 – Download the software

DOWNLOAD your free ProGen Wizard Software:

ProGen Wizard for Mac OSX – Beta Test Version 3.4.3 – released January, 2017
ProGen Wizard for Windows – Beta Test Version 3.4.3 – released January, 2017

* Please return to this page often to be sure you have the latest version.
* Changes and fixes are ongoing with the software.

STEP 3 – Register the software

Once you have downloaded the Wizard, please register your software with us using your real name and the email address we have on file for you. This information allows us to verify your status and provide you with support. Registering also helps us to identify the version and the operating system you are using to facilitate problem solving. If you do not receive a response within a reasonable time with a registration number, please email the pertinent information to the email address below. You may also contact us via our Online Support page.

STEP 4 – Test the software

When you are ready to proceed with using the ProGen Wizard, please remember:

It is important to make sure that the Wizard software is working properly before proceeding with programming. To do this, READ a bank to see if that works properly before trying to LOAD anything into your ProGen. “Reading” won’t erase banks from your ProGen, whereas a malfunctioning software installation has the potential of erasing all banks when “loading”, necessitating re-entering the data manually – a lengthy and time consuming process.

We are happy to assist you with any problems you may run into when using the Wizard. We would ask, however, that you have downloaded the program, installed the USB-Serial adaptor driver, and read the operator’s manual completely before requesting support. We have found that this often eliminates problems before they arise.