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ProGen 3

The most versatile frequency generator available to this day.


Sold for use on plants and animals only.


Each new ProGen comes pre-loaded with our complete database of over 2000 frequency Sets, including all the Sets from the trusted Consolidated Annotated Frequency List (CAFL). Whatever you are trying to research, the ProGen’s got you covered and our support team is here to help you get optimal results.


The new ProGen is our most powerful frequency generator ever. It can generate frequencies in sine, square or triangle shapes from 1Hz to 4,000,000Hz when using conductive accessories and from 1Hz to 300,000Hz when connected to the PERL M+. You have the option to run pre-loaded Sets of frequencies or go into full manual mode where you have total control of your frequency output.


In the world of frequencies, one hertz higher or lower can have a dramatic impact on the results you are trying to achieve. The ProGen is accurate to one thousandth of a hertz making it one of the most reliable frequency generators in the world today.


The ProGen 3 is one of the most thoroughly researched frequency generator you can get. Our team spent over 24 years shaping it through rigorous lab testing, results analysis, first-class engineering and custom calibration along with tons of precious feedback from users and practitioners worldwide.


The ProGen 3 is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. It introduces a new, easy-to-use keypad with bigger keys and extra functions for a more tactile experience. You can now pause, hold, skip and loop any frequency Set with more options available to advanced users.


We know what it’s like to need support when using this technology and believe us, you will if you want to get optimal results. This is the #1 thing you should be looking for prior to purchase. That’s why every new ProGen 3 come with unlimited access to our dedicated support team who will always get back to you with a phone call within two business days. For life.


We offer a sixty (60) day buy-back warranty on all new ProGen purchases. When a buy-back is deemed the best option, we will buy devices back at the price you paid less 10% per 30-day period, until 60 days after your purchase date. Please note that the shipping cost of returning the device back to us is not covered by this warranty.


Worldwide shipping is included in the purchase price of all our packages.


Sold for use on plants and animals only.

$2,145 CAD

We ship worldwide!